Why Buy Facebook Fans, Twitter Followers, YouTube Views, etc.?

Social media has become one of the fastest growing forms of advertising right around the world. Smart businesses are acknowledging this and are putting in place larger budgets for online social media spending. Increasing your potential customer base makes promoting your product or service easy! The larger the target audience the more chance there is of sales.

How can your business benefit from Social Media?
Building a fanpage is one of the best ways of communicating your product or service offering to thousands of potential clients. And the best part is you can continually promote new products on a recurring basis- as they are your fans this doesn’t cost you anything! So what are you waiting for? Our fast fan acquisition service can have new fans to your page in days ready to receive your special offers!
How long after I’ve placed my order will you begin work?
Typically we try to begin working on your campaign within 2 hours. Depending on the time of your order you may find that you see in increase in just a few hours. After your order has been confirmed, you'll receive an email confirmation and you will have to send us the URL of your fan page or website.
How long will it take to complete my order?
Lead times are different for each campaign. Please check the package information when making your purchase.
What type of fans, followers or views will I receive?
We send you real fans, followers and views with real friends! They are all real people like you and me. All fans will have to opt into your page - this is a manual process the new fan makes to ensure you are only getting a fan interested in your page.
How long does it take to see the results on my page?
It takes within 24 hours for each case to be processed and for our staff to start working on your account. You will see results starting within days!
How does Buy Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest Followers work?
Once we receive confirmation from PayPal that your order has been submitted. After that, you will sit back and watch how we will build your followers and maintain a good ratio for each account.
What is a good Twitter ratio?
A positive twitter ratio is when the number of followers is more than the number of people you are following. A user that has a positive ratio (following: 1000, followers: 2000) is likely to get more followers because of its better ratio. (Better keyword visibility) A user that has a poor ratio, for example (following: 1500, followers 500) is less likely to gain followers because of its poor ratio. Most spammers on Twitter have a poor ratio. We will maintain a positive ratio for all its users.
What is our guarantee?
If we don’t provide the targeted traffic you need in the agreed on amount, we will return your full investment. On top of that we also guarantee you that we will provided you the number of fans, followers, views or downloads ordered in the specific timeframe listed on our site (1000 followers/fans/views takes a maximum of 3 days and 100.000 followers/fans/views takes a maximum of 30 days) and we tend to over deliver!
For further information please do not hesitate to contact us.
Thank you.